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Subject:How Information Sharing Is Fuelling Smarter And Greener Supply Chains

By Makis Kouloumbis, SELIS Project Manager and Program Delivery Director at Inlecom Systems

Transport represents almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and is the main cause of air pollution in cities. While this complex issue requires a wide range of measures, an increase in the efficiency of transport systems and their optimisation remains one of the single most important ways to reduce emissions.

Most companies still rely heavily on road transportation, and modal shifts to rail and water have remained modest at best. This has so far been a missed opportunity as systematically combining multiple modes of transportation, like rail, ship, and truck not only enhances speed but can also significantly improve the environmental performance of freight transport.

Technology is set to play a key role in the shift towards lower emission transport modes by enabling a holistic view of supply chains, supporting exchange of data between different stakeholders, and driving collaboration and co-ordination. This includes the use of blockchain technology, predictive analytics and Machine Learning (ML) to support collaborative logistics models.

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