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Subject:Kick Off Meeting

60 participants, representing the 38 SELIS consortium partners, got together from the 28th to the 30th of September for a fruitful Kick Off meeting. The meeting was organized by the Project Coordinator, Inlecom Systems Ltd., and took place in Athens at the Theoxenia Palace Hotel.

Kick off meeting goals were met in full, during the 5 sessions which included the initial gathering of the Executive Board, the SELIS Design team and the Living Labs Leaders, as well as the opening General Assembly for the project. All partners had the opportunity to introduce themselves and present their organisations’ expertise and services along with their key tasks in the project and their expectations.

During all these sessions, SELIS consortium partners were able to establish the common project vision, discuss the approach, management structure and critical milestones, establish membership and strategy of project committees in order to set the 'way of working together', and lastly, agree on the action plan for the next 6 months per working group and for whole project.

INEA Project Officer, Mr. Gabriel Mialocq, attended the General Assembly session, where he introduced the Commission’s vision for SELIS, including the rights and obligations for the project’s beneficiaries.             

Overall, SELIS KOM successfully set up the baseline for the innovative developments of SELIS "Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space".