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Subject:First ELP Forum - The Future of Logistics

The European Logistics Platform ( hosts an interactive forum on the Future of Logistics in Europe, in Brussels on 15th of November 2016. This Forum will involve industry, policy- and decision-makers, and MEPs.            

Following a keynote introduction from Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and a deep dive into logistics trends by DHL innovation, a first panel will debate new ways of delivering sustainability in logistics. The panel will discuss how, with innovation and new ways of thinking, practical solutions can be found improve efficiency, reduce emissions and lower operating costs. Will this be enough to reach the EU’s decarbonisation targets or is there a need for more stringent regulation? And can Europe keep its No. 1 role in logistics, with the much-needed skills and R&D required? 

A second panel will review some real game-changers in logistics and provide insights into what logistics may look like in 2050. Today, already, collaboration can produce significant gains in terms of both efficiency and sustainability, so what is preventing this from happening now If the technology is available, what are the key drivers for - and barriers to - innovation in the freight and logistics sector? And how will these new technologies and models support Europe in meeting the challenges and fulfilling its ambitions on sustainability and growth?

The Programme of the event, as well as registration information are available at European Logistics Platform’s website at