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Subject:SELIS Living Labs workshop & Executive Board meeting
  The first SELIS Living Labs workshop has been organised on the 9th of November 2016 in Porto, Portugal. During the workshop, SELIS Living Lab leaders discussed the progress of the Living Labs set up and overall planning. The overall SELIS Living Lab Objectives have been reviewed and validated, especially on how the transition of the AS-IS to the TO-BE situation will be performed, through the set Use Cases per Living Lab. Particular focus has been given in the alignment of the Living Labs needs and how these will be addressed by the SELIS technology offer through the mapping with SELIS set Objectives & Strategies. Finally, an action plan for the next months has been set.




During the second day, November 10th, the SELIS Executive Board members met for a review of the current status of SELIS developments. Work plan is progressing smoothly following the planning and goals set during the project Kick Off meeting. Apart from the progress, the Executive Committee discussed and finalised the SELIS Vision of ‘EU logistics as a network of SELIS Community Nodes’ which addresses all technical aspects, while setting the path of the commercialisation approach.

Both meetings were hosted by project partner SONAE.