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Subject:1st SELIS Advisory Board Meeting

The central goal of the SELIS project is to establish a research and innovation environment using Living Labs; the collective goal and aspiration is to provide innovative solutions that can be used for discovery of new insights across 8 Living Labs (8 different Logistic Communities). The living labs, used for research and innovation purposes, simulate the real environment. The target is to show that those novel technical solutions can help reduce the emission of CO2 by 30%. 

An Advisory Board has been set up to support the project and ensure it stays on track in terms of commerciality. It is a very varied and knowledgeable group of people created to act as a sounding board for the Living Labs, to offer commercial advice, keeping the project grounded, realistic and moving forward. There will be 3 or 4 Advisory Board Meetings throughout the project with communication and interaction where necessary in between. 

  The first meeting was held on June 21st at Amsterdam airport. It was attended by around 40 people representing different sectors and different countries at a senior level.
The Living Labs each gave a short description of their projects and ongoing plans and inviting questions and comments throughout.
There was much lively discussion and thought provoking topics. Each member of the Advisory Board completed a questionnaire to indicate which areas they are interested in and able to offer help and advice to make the project successful.

The next meeting will be in February 2018