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   SELIS Presentation in ITS Glasgow 2016  
   SELIS Fiche - Project Start   
   SELIS Project Fact Sheet - October 2016  
   SELIS Innovative thinking workshop IBM newspaper
   Contemporary strategies to improve and innovate your Supply Chain - Supply Chain
   SELIS PROJECT_ Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space - Supply Chain
   Creating Business Value through Intelligent Supply Chain Collaboration
   SELIS Policy Brief - Global data standards issuesn


Case Studies

   SELIS Case Study Living Lab 3 – Urban Logistics Consolidation
   SELIS Case Study Living Lab 4 - North Germany Hinterland Hub based Synchronous Logistics
   SELIS Case Study Living Lab 5 - Adria Kombi - rail, truck and terminal collaboration
   SELIS Case Study Living Lab 6: Enhanced Marine Shipping Arrival Information
   SELIS Case Study Living Lab 7: Pipeline Data Exchange Structures for cross‐border supply chain data
   SELIS Case Study Living Lab 8: Ordering and payment systems