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Subject:Living Lab 1 Workshop in Zaragoza

Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space

On 19th June in Zaragoza, Spain, a SELIS workshop was held to present the outcomes from SELIS Living Lab 1 "DHL multi-option service provision utilising customer specific SELIS nodes" and to receive constructive comments and feedback from the meeting attendees. The hosts Beatriz Royo and Carolina Cipres from Zaragoza Logistics Centre opened the meeting and introduced the agenda.

Brian Bolam of ELUPEG gave a presentation of the SELIS project principally for those non consortium members present but also as a refresher to all participants regarding the vision, objectives and the deliverables. In particular he focussed on the vision of a single Pan-European network of SELIS Nodes (SN). The proposed Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space, SELIS, is a network of logistic communities’ specific shared intelligent information spaces termed SELIS Community Nodes (SCN). SCNs are constructed by individual logistics communities to facilitate the next generation of collaborative, responsive and agile green transportation chains. SCNs link with their participants’ existing systems through a secure infrastructure and provide shared information and tools for data acquisition and use, according to a 'cooperation agreement'. Connected nodes, provide a distributed common communication and navigation platform for Pan European logistics applications. Each Node decides what information it wishes to publish and what information it wants to subscribe to.

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