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Subject:Living Lab 3 Workshop in Treviso, Italy

SELIS Newsletter Living Lab 3 Workshop "Share the Results and Learnings"

On June 11th Roberta Desiderà, Zanardo welcomed everyone to the SELIS workshop in Treviso, Italy to share the learnings from Living Lab 3. Stephen Rinsler from ELUPEG then gave a summary of SELIS; an EU Project (No 690588) designed to build and test the ability to accept supply chain data from the commercial systems of companies: orders, product data files, etc. often available in different formats and translate the data streams such that data transfer between players in the supply chain is fast, safe and flawless. The SELIS goal is to provide the translation algorithms, database and data analysis tools to increase collaboration within the SELIS communities. The Research and Development was provided to a series of Living Labs where Use Cases of the same logistics’ type could test the solutions.

Living Lab 3 focuses on SME sustainable urban freight transport. Urban logistics is essential for the viability and economic competitiveness of the cities, but it is also a source of multiple side-effects, both on social, environmental and economic levels. Even if it represents only 11% of the total traffic in the urban area, it is responsible for 25% of GHG emissions, 30% of nitrate oxides, 40% of noise pollution and energy consumption and 50% of fine particles. This last mile consumes up to one third of logistics costs even though it only represents 1% of the total transport distance. The LL3 Urban Logistics Platform has been applied in three different locations/use cases; Brussels, Venice and Athens - described below.

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