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Subject:SELIS LL Workshop in Bremen

Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space

Germany Digitization has long been an important issue for providers of multimodal barge transport services. For daily operational planning, electronic data interchange with terminals in seaports and inland ports is playing an increasingly important role. On August 15 NWL and Trimodal invited representatives of container terminals and cargo handling companies from Bremerhaven and Bremen to get information on current progress and to contribute their experiences and requirements for further development on digitalisation and data exchange for inland waterway transport.

Oliver Klein - Project Manager at ISL - gave an overview of the activities and results of the EU Project SELIS. The solutions developed jointly with the project partners NWL and Trimodal for the digital integration of various information along the transport chain met with great interest. Trimodal team leader Lars Bossmann emphasized the improved evaluation possibilities as well as the excellent support through a more flexible and consistently digitized planning. The participants used the subsequent workshop session to discuss additional ideas and opportunities for future joint applications as well as technical issues with the implementation partner ISL.

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