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Subject:Towards a Shared European Logistics


SELIS: its concept and role in the Supply Chain 

SELIS is a 3 year project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No 690588.

SELIS is trying to create an architecture for logistics information sharing and valorisation to form a single logistics information space in Europe, that is accessible for the transport sector, its users and, in addition, public authorities.

IBM Cognitive Supply Chain – An example of market change
IBM and Maersk have formed a partnership and created a new company  to design a neutral platform for actors to plug in to in order to share a single trusted view of shipping events, in support of paperless trade.

The IBM/Maersk vision is towards a “Neutral” platform, alignment with International standards (e.g. ECO/EU Data Model, ISO, UN.CEFACT, GS1) and a GDT IAB to ensure neutrality of a global platform for end-to-end SC actors.

This new platform will be implemented in Q4. The new company is completely neutral, not owned by IBM or Maersk and run by an independent industry board. It is a grand vision and SELIS will seek to align with them. Other actors will hopefully join. For more information watch this video

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