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Subject:Living Lab 7 presents to MEDports Association

Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space

SELIS LL7 presented to MEDports Association

In April, MGI presented the Living Lab 7 demonstrators of the SELIS project (Towards Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space) to the "SMART PORT" committee of the MEDports association.

The MEDPorts association brings together about twenty port authorities from around the Mediterranean. This association aims to establish an area of enhanced operational cooperation in the Mediterranean, within a sustainable structure and sharing the collective ambition of giving Mediterranean ports increased visibility on the world maritime transport scene.

The association has an Executive Committee and technical committees that deal with maritime training and expertise, major environmental issues, safety & security, relations with international institutions, statistics and market analysis as well as smart ports, with a view to working collectively on common issues, sharing expertise and best practices.

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